Polka Dot Plant


This cute little plant comes in a wide variety of colors including pink, purple, scarlet, lavender, white, and green speckled leaves. Sometimes this plant is referred to as the freckle face plant because of its spotted appearance. This lovely plant can be grown as ground cover in temperate and warm zones but is very well suited for indoor growth as well. 


Unlike some other plants, this one will produce the best speckled color if grown in low light situations but also dies well in bright indirect light. By keeping it in lower light, its freckles will stand out and the risk of burning the leaves are drastically reduced. If the plant is kept in too low of light it might revert back to plain ole’ green. Feel free to move it around and see what it likes best.


Water once the top 1”-1.5” is dry. In my experience this plant can wilt easily so it is a good idea to keep the soil moist but not soaking wet. If the soil is kept soggy for too long the leaves will begin to turn yellow and root rot will occur.


Higher humidity works wonders for these little guys. You can get a humidity tray or a small humidifier to keep the relative humidity in the room to above 50%. Another easy way to increase humidity for your plants but keep you from sweating is to group your plants together to trap all the humidity around them.


If grown as a part of your indoor jungle, make sure to provide it with a temperature of at least 60 F or 16 C. In just the right conditions your Polka Dot Plant might produce small flowers and ultimately seeds. These seeds will germinate in warm moist soil with a temperature of at least 70-75 F or 21-27 C.


It is a good idea to feed your plants in the spring and summer once a month. That will encourage growth before the plant rests in the winter months.


Polka Dot Plants are safe to animals and humans! Feel free to grow as many as you like, wherever you like!


If your plant seems to be getting leggy which can happen because of its low light location, not to worry! Just pinch off the tall stems, by doing so you will encourage more growth which will eventually give you a fuller bushier plant.

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