Golden Barrel Cactus

The cute Golden Barrel Cactus, also comically known as the Mother-in-law’s cushion, is a beautiful cactus that spots perfectly even spines and a rounded, almost ball-like structure as a young cactus. I often see them used in the yards of water conscious neighbors in their outdoor landscaping. Barrel Cacti grow very slowly so they are the perfect cactus for the indoor plant hobbyist.


Like most other cacti, the Golden Barrel does very well in a sunny spot, most commonly a southern window. While the cactus can tolerate some shade it is important to consider that if shaded too much, the cactus will grow more slowly and potentially even stretch out.


Golden Barrels are very prone to root rot so be sure to water infrequently. Every three or four weeks will do. The soil you put your cactus in is almost more important than how much you water it. The better drainage the plant has the happiest it will be and you won’t fall victim to death by overwatering as easily.


The humidity of your home naturally should be just fine for these cacti. They favor warm dry environments so if you have a humidifier for your houseplant jungle room it might be best to put this one in another.


You almost will never find an environment that is too hot for the Barrel Cactus as it is native to a desert environment. It is important to watch how cold the temperature gets. These cacti can tolerate temperatures down to 40 degrees Farenhiet. 


Feed your cactus around every four weeks during the growing season. This is not necessary though!


It is not thought that the Golden Barrel Cactus is poisonous to humans or pets but their spines are the thing to watch out for! Keep out of the reach of small fingers and sniffing snouts.

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