Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a food delivery service that seeks to reduce food waste. Imperfect Foods began in San Francisco and has since expanded all across the United States. Keep reading for my honest review of Imperfect Foods to see if it is right for you!

What is Imperfect Foods?

The Mission of Imperfect Foods is to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. Imperfect was founded to combat food waste by finding bellies for the ugly fruits and veggies that can’t sell in grocery stores. 

Imperfect Foods provides groceries with cosmetic quirks, irregular sizes, or simply surplus. In addition, Imperfect provides other groceries with no imperfections so Imperfect can be your one-stop-shop. 

How it Works?

When you sign up, Imperfect Foods asks a few quick questions about your lifestyle and eating habits. They will also give you a scheduled delivery day based on where you live. 

Each week Imperfect adds items to your box based on your preferences. You are free to take anything out or add additional items from staples to exclusive Imperfect items. 

When your delivery day arrives, your box is driven to your doorstep and dropped off with a text alerting you of its arrival. 

Environmental Impact:

Imperfect Foods has committed to being a Net-Zero Carbon Company by 2030 through intentional sourcing, reducing waste to landfills, and using responsible energy. By 2022 the company claims to increase and improve regional sourcing by 15% to reduce the number of trucks on the road that move food. They also only deliver to each zip code once a week to limit carbon emissions. The company claims to further its mission by reducing one billion pounds of food by 2030 as well as obtaining its first facility certified zero-waste-to-landfill operational by 2022 and another 6 facilities like it in operation 3 years later. Imperfect is also working to convert 6 of its fulfillment centers to 100% renewable power by 2026. It also plans to have a fully electric vehicle fleet by 2027.


Imperfect has donated 8 million pounds of food to its nonprofit partners as well as partnered with Feeding America, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting hunger through nationwide food banks. Imperfect provides a Reduce Cost Box program which offers a 20% discount on every order to anyone who is low-income. This program ensures that no one is refused access to sustainable groceries due to cost. Imperfect is offering grants to organizations that further its mission to build a kinder, less wasteful food system. 

Personal Experience:

My husband Caleb and I received boxes from Imperfect Foods for about 9 months. We are vegetarians so we opted for a medium box even though a small one was recommended for the two of us. We usually got our boxes weekly but eventually moved to a biweekly schedule. I honestly found it so fun to pick out my groceries weekly. You even can schedule specific things to always be in your box or even things never to be in your box. For us, we eat avocados all the time but we never eat jalapenos. 

Overall, the quality of the produce was what could be expected. We found that the produce went bad faster than the stuff we could get from a grocery store. It also took us some time to figure out how much to put in one box each week. Often we had leftover things we hadn’t eaten yet before the next box arrived. If we planned well and ate things in a timely manner there was no issue. As for the pantry staples and snacks, I loved them! We didn’t notice if some of the rice grains were broken for example. They offer all kinds of snack items that Caleb and I loved to discover each week. 

The company was great when it came to replacing items, substituting if a particular item was no longer available, and communicating about delivery. 

In general, we had a great experience with Imperfect Foods and would recommend it to others.

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