If you have ever walked by the floral section in a grocery store on Valentine’s Day, you probably saw an Anthurium. These stunning plants with bright red flowers symbolize hospitality, happiness, and abundance. The flowers on this plant are no flowers at all. They are actually modified leaves! These plants originate from the Andes Mountains from Colombia to Ecuador

Bright indirect light is the name of the game with the Anthurium. Direct light can easily scorch the pointy leaves. While this plant can tolerate lower light, the more light it receives, the more blooms it will produce.

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Water your Anthurium when the top 50-75% of the pot is dry. Water thoroughly by soaking the plant and discarding the excess water collected in the saucer.

Anthuriums love humidity and would prefer higher humidity than your home naturally. While misting your plant is an option, it may lead to mildew growth. Another good way to increase humidity is to use a pebble tray or humidifier, especially during the drier months.

65-80 degrees F or 18-26 degrees C is perfect for your Anthurium. Do not let your plant stay out if the temperature falls below 60 degrees F or 15 degrees C. Do not place your plant near heating or cooling vents or fans.

Feed once a month in the spring and summer with a liquid fertilizer specifically for indoor plants.

Anthuriums are toxic to pets and humans alike. Ingestion might include skin and mouth irritation, stomach pain, and potentially vomiting.

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