Creation Care

From Dust to Dust

2020 was a challenging year to say the least. For others, it was filled with moments that seemed to crawl by. For some, moments flew by unnoticed. One of these moments flew higher than most of us were aware of. A mile above our heads to be exact. The “moment” is more like a weekContinue reading “From Dust to Dust”

Worship Through Creation

As I am writing this post I find myself halfway into a Masters in Sustainability Studies at Texas State University. In this degree I have studied plants used for agricultural purposes, water management for both humans and the environment, specific species, and more. The courses I have taken so far have been far more inContinue reading “Worship Through Creation”


If you are anything like me then you find yourself working nonstop throughout the week. All the time. Go, go, go. I can be anything in this world, except one thing, unproductive. Part of this I attribute to my growing up in the United States where the ultimate goal is to achieve as much asContinue reading “Sabbath”

What’s in a Name?

The green spaces that surround us and the animals that live within them stir something deep within humans. Something about snow-covered, mountainous landscapes moves us to question our place within the world. Serene old-growth redwood forests full of marbled murrelets, carpeted in ferns prompts the human mind to question its impact on the Earth. EvenContinue reading “What’s in a Name?”

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